COVID19 vaccinations

11th Oct 2021


Dear parent/carer,

I have been informed that the date for COVID19 vaccinations in our school will be next Tuesday, October 19th.

We will be sending a letter, consent form and information leaflet home tomorrow with the students; all students in Y8 to Y11 will be issued with the letter and form as well as any Y7 students who will be 12 years
old by October 19th 2021.

Students who want to be vaccinated do not need to be registered with a GP or have an NHS number.

Students self-isolating, waiting for a COVID-19 test or within 4 weeks of having a positive COVID-19 test should not present for vaccination.

Please ensure that the consent form is returned within two days in the envelope provided. All forms should be returned to the main school office by the students on Wednesday or Thursday. Please note, the form should be returned whether you are giving consent or indicating dissent for the vaccination.

Please be aware that the vaccination programme is being carried out by the NHS and school is simply obliged to assist in the logistics of the operation in providing the venue and supervision. If your child has returned a consent form indicating that a vaccination is to be administered, then this will be facilitated by the school aged immunisation team, on the school site, at some time on October 19th.

We will send out further reminders this week to ensure the timely return of the forms.

Yours faithfully,


Richard Horsfield


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