KS3 Visual Arts


We believe the arts are for everyone. They enrich us as people, build confidence and help us view the world from a more considered perspective. At BHS we want to encourage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to experiment and create their own works of art, craft, and design.

We want pupils to recognise the importance of creativity in our future workforce and the joy, and mental well-being, it brings to the individual and community around us.

As a comprehensive school the arts are a valuable means of developing confidence and communication skills, and facilitating expression, ideas and feelings. In addition, through purposeful, imaginative and creative activities, pupils learn to take managed risks, trying out new ideas and new ways of working without fear of failure.

The core experience in Art is about providing opportunities for students to develop their creativity by means of the following:



❖ Developing their skills and confidence in a wide range of media; allowing them to experiment and take risks but also teaching them how to control and refine.

❖ Developing their recording skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and annotation using a range of sources.

❖ Developing their knowledge and contextual understanding about numerous artists ’ works, both historical and contemporary.

❖ Enabling students to develop their own ideas, inspired by the work of others, to lead to a successful, creative and personal outcome.

❖ Develop a wide set of transferable skills that are highly valued by employers.