SAM 5065

KS3 Design Technology


Design & Technology curriculum intent


Design and Technology is part of our everyday lives. Learning about Design and Technology helps our students understand the world around them, and actively engage in it. 


The Design and Technology curriculum at Brighouse consists of a range of creative, imaginative and innovative experiences of designing and practical based activities. Using a range of materials from Graphics, Resistant Materials, Textiles and Food together with links to other STEM subjects and the Arts, the curriculum is designed to give all students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to work effectively with materials, components and products. 


Students will be encouraged to think about design starting in Key Stage 3 with designs for themselves, others and eventually for target markets leading into Key Stage 4 and beyond so they develop an understanding of how Design and Technology links us to wider society and issues.


Our Design and Technology staff at Brighouse are passionate about their subject areas and provide a safe environment in which students can be innovative and become resilient and independent learners. Students are encouraged to recognise that mistakes can be made, so that they can learn to build from them, thereby allowing for the creation of better products or the knowledge of how things can always be developed or improved.


Design and Technology education makes a unique and valuable contribution to the education and preparation for students’ future lives for work and / or leisure. At Brighouse High we aim to ensure that our students achieve the best possible experiences in Design and Technology, to become lifelong learners sharing the same joy of the subject that their teachers have.