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Religious Studies

We consider RS to be an important subject in a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes the “spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development of all pupils”. All pupils have one lesson of RS per week at Key Stage 3, with the exception of Year 9, who have two hours a week in order to allow them to better adapt to the GCSE course.

Subject Overview

Our primary aim is to enable pupils to understand the nature of religious beliefs and practices and the importance and influence of these in the lives of believers. To this end, a multi-faith syllabus is followed in the first two years and is designed to take into account the needs of the pupils form a variety of religious backgrounds or, no religious background at all. Conversion to any one faith is not the role of education, instead we seek to create an environment in which pupils learn to appreciate the faith and practices of others and are challenged to examine their own beliefs and values. GCSE study begins in Year 9 and the course is grounded in moral and ethical questions as well as an intensive study of beliefs and practises of two world faiths.

Curriculum Structure

In year seven students are provided with an introduction to the six major world faiths through a series of peer activities.

In year 8 students study the topics of Animal Rights, Planet Earth, discovering issues relating to climate change as well as religious responses to them which enhances their debating skills as well as developing empathy.

Year 9 students begin to study the GCSE RS syllabus. They conduct an in depth study of Christian beliefs and practises as well as examining the theme of marriage and the family, crime and punishment.

Assessment Overview

In Year Seven assessments will focus on Practices and ways of lifeas well as sources of authority. Students will be examined on these themes in relation to the topics they have studied.

Year Eight assessments will revolve around the themes of sources of authority and similarities within/between different religions.

Year Nine assessments are focussed on GCSE style questions.