KS3 Curriculum Intent in Physical Education

Students are actively engaged and involved in a range of physical activities and sports, which allow them to holistically develop by promoting interpersonal skills and building their individual character and morals. Furthermore, from lessons students are able to recognise the importance of physical activity and the positive impact this can have on physical, social and mental wellbeing, aiding the promotion of lifelong participation in sport. Throughout all activity blocks, there is clear differentiation, which ensures all students, regardless of socio-economic background, gender, ethnicity and religion feel supported, able to be challenged and achieve success. Students are encouraged and prepared to take risks and explore new activities to build new experiences which leads to students feeling a sense of accomplishment. Students can recognise the importance of learning within Physical Education and can demonstrate understanding of the intent.


Through KS3 PE at Brighouse High School we aim:

  • To develop safe and supportive classroom environments which allow students to take risks, learn from mistakes and build hopes and aspirations for the future. 
  • To promote the importance of becoming resilient and independent learners who can rise to individual challenges allowing them to build individual character. 
  • To encourage students to become citizens of a successful democratic society by promoting vital character traits such as resilience, creativity, responsibility, generosity, and enterprise through a range of practical settings.
  • To encourage students to practically explore various sports, activities, and health related topics.
  • To inspire students to successfully work both independently and collaboratively with their peers to foster confidence in their own ability. 
  • To encourage students to embrace new opportunities, allowing them to recognise the importance of participation in a wide range of activities, preparing them for life beyond education. 
  • To nurture academic habits such as critical analysis, self-reflection, and peer assessment. The development of these skills is relevant and applicable to wider academic subjects and life beyond education.
  • Through critical analysis and self/peer reflection we provide a foundation for students to secure their knowledge within the subject alongside developing their literacy and numeracy skills which can be applied across the wider curriculum.