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Subject Overview

Pupils entering Brighouse High School are taught in their form groups for the first few weeks of term. During this time they are baseline tested and these scores alongside KS2 results are used to place the pupils in sets by ability.  The sets are then taught towards the relevant GCSE tier of entry, although this is not fixed in year 7 and movement between sets, and hence between tiers, does occur.


At Key Stage 3, pupils cover topics in depth to promote mastery and understanding so that they are “GCSE ready”. The initial content focuses heavily (though not exclusively) on number work and algebra as these are considered essential building blocks for the rest of the content.  Pupils are timetabled 4 hours of Maths in year 7, 3 hours in year 8 and then 4 again in year 9.  The expectation is that by the end of year 9 all pupils will be at least at I4.


Each block of content typically takes between 8 and 12 weeks depending on the ability of the class and the pace at which it is delivered.  Pupils are tested formally at various stages of the year in order to monitor progress.  After each of these tests the topics that require strengthening or have proved difficult are highlighted by the teacher and pointed out to the pupils.  Alongside the teacher, pupils are encouraged to start taking responsibility in addressing these weaknesses through independent means such as the internet or by seeking assistance at a dinner time session.  This independence is a skill necessary to take through to Key Stage 4.


At the beginning of each block of content the pupils will be given a list of topics that will be covered.  This should be affixed in their book, and contains the relevant titles alongside a space for teacher comment, pupil comment and overall assessment.  If pupils have been assessed as having been successful at 70-80% of each block of content then it is considered mastered.  It is this movement through each block of content that enables the pupil, parents and carers, and the teacher to track progress.  Revision and repetition will be required to prevent the content from being forgotten.