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KS3 History

Intent statement

  1. 1.       Purpose of curriculum:

Intent: We aim to spark and nurture students' interest in, and enthusiasm for, History, and equip them with the academic skills and knowledge they need to write, think and debate like a historian. We want students to challenge perceptions about the world around them. We want to give the students the opportunity to experience good quality history as well as a love of the subject, to be able to formulate and substantiate their own views and interpretations in a critical and analytical way.


We endeavour to develop students who

  • question the world around them and not just accept what they see and read at face value.
  • think critically and independently about the world around them. To give them a curiosity about the world and other people.
  • develop an appreciation of our similarities and common experiences as well as our differences and who are tolerant of other cultures. Develop empathy with people who have had different experiences from their own.  To develop their cultural capital.
  • Engage with events in the past, and draw contemporary parallels which allow them to challenge prejudice and discrimination.
  • develop a wide set of skills that are highly valued by employers. It encourages our students to be able to work independently

Our intent at KS3 is as follows:

To provide an overview of 1000 years of British (and some units of non- British history) incorporating three main strands:

  1. The story of power authority and conflict
  2. The story of beliefs
  3. The story of everyday lives (social history)

These three strands will be explored through enquiry based teaching embedding contextual knowledge and a chronological framework underpinned by the key skills examined at GCSE:

•             Cause and consequence

•             Analysis

•             Interpretation

•             Evaluation

•             Significance.