Applying for an in-year transfer to Brighouse High School
An 'in-year application form' must be completed and the electronic form can be accessed via the Calderdale Council website. To access the form, please click  HERE.
The Calderdale Council admissions team coordinates in-year transfer applications for Brighouse High School. 

 Independent Appeal arrangements

Any pupil refused the offer of a place has the right of appeal. Appeals are administered by an independent panel and the school follows the statutory requirements in both the DfE School Admission Appeals Code (2012) and the DfE School Admissions Code (2021) when organising admission appeals.

Parents/carers who wish to make an independent appeal for a place for their child must contact the school for the relevant information. 

The Local Authority Co-ordinated Admission Scheme 

The local authority coordinates the September 2022 admissions for all secondary schools in Calderdale.  The deadline for applying for your child's Secondary School place for September 2022 was 31 October 2021. If you missed the deadline, you will need to make a late application.

Please note: Offers will be made on national offer day, 1st March 2022 by the Calderdale Council Admissions Team.

For information regarding this scheme, please click HERE.

DfE Schools Admissions Code 2021
For information regarding the DfE Schools Admissions Code, please click HERE.