Changes to Special Educational Needs Provision Information for Parents


Information for parents of pupils with statement of Special Educational Needs / EHC Plan and parents of pupils identified on the School’s special needs register.


The way that schools support pupils with special educational needs is undergoing a process of review and change. Since September 2013 Brighouse High, along with all other schools, has been funded differently for pupils with statements of special educational needs or Education and Health Care Plans. A detailed explanation of how the funding works can be found in the attached document but to summarise the situation, schools need to explore how to support pupils in different and more flexible ways. The traditional method of funding statements by allocating a number of hours of support time no longer exists. Students are be funded through the central school budget or, where a pupil has a high level of need, the school receives ‘top up’ funding.

The Additional Needs Technician (Support) role has been maintained as an important part of the system to support pupil learning. At Brighouse High use of ANTs will be deployed alongside differentiated work in class, small group withdrawal, 1:1 tutorials and themed learning sessions. As the changes in funding continue to be implemented we will continue to work hard to personalise the learning experience for pupils and to support all individual needs.

The school (SENCO) has prepared a detailed report on the implications of the changes which you can download below.