2020 GCSE Autumn Exam Series


Any student wishing to try and improve the grade they received for any of their GCSE subjects has the opportunity to resit the exams in the autumn. The autumn series GCSE examinations start on Monday 2 November and finish on Monday 23 November.


Before requesting an entry for a resit exam students should discuss and consider the decision carefully. Please take particular note of the following when considering a resit in a subject that normally contains non-examined assessment eg. coursework: With the exception of Art and Design the grade received for the resit would be based on the performance in the exams alone and not on any non-exam assessment eg. coursework.

Deadlines and Entries

All subjects with the exception of Maths and English: We will make the entry and students will sit the exam at Brighouse High School even if they are no longer a pupil of Brighouse High School. All entries must be received no later than 3pm on Wednesday 16th September.

Maths and English Language:  For students who are still pupils at Brighouse High School the entry will be made by us and the exam will be taken here. For students who have moved on to another school or college it is likely that they will make the entry, this should be discussed with them when term begins. Entries for Maths and English must be received no later than 3pm on Wednesday 30th September.


If you wish to be entered for a resit in any of your subjects you will need to email Miss Walters the exams officer (examinations@brighouse.calderdale.sch.uk) stating the subject(s) for which you want to be entered.