In Geography work for KS3 pupils who are isolating will be shared via Google Classroom. Pupils should send a message to their teacher via Google Classroom or email if they are unsure about the work they should be completing.
Below is a description of the work pupils will be undertaking after Easter by year groups.


Work for W/B: 22/3/21 and 29/3/21


Work for W/B: 19/4/21 and 26/4/21


Work for W/B: 3/5/21 and 10/5/21


Work for W/B: 17/5/21 and 24/5/21


Year 7

Tectonics (earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis)



Rivers (weathering, erosion, and the water cycle)

Rivers (source to mouth, drainage basins, V-shaped valleys, and waterfalls)

Rivers (waterfalls continued, erosion and meanders, flooding)


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