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We are proud to be a school which cares and through our pastoral system, we work to develop a caring community within which every boy and girl will feel at home. Every member of staff has a pastoral responsibility in the school, whatever their subject responsibility.

Pastoral Care

Year 7 – Mrs Armitage

“Hello my name is Mrs Armitage. My job is to help ensure that Year 7 pupils
are safe and happy when they are in school. I am someone to talk to and
someone to ask for help and advice if you need it. I will also help with
any issues such as lost PE kit or locker keys.”

Year 8 And 9 - Mrs Hartley

"My name is Mrs Hartley and I am the Pastoral Administrator for both Year 8
and Year 9. As Pastoral Administrator my role is to work alongside the two
heads of year and assistant heads of year to support with the daily running
of the Pastoral Office. I have been at Brighouse High School since November
2016 and prior to that worked in a Student Support role for 3 years at
another school.

"My door is always open for any students who have any concerns no matter how
big or small and I can then discuss any support needed for that student
with the heads of year to find the best course of action to help and
support the student".

Years 10 and 11 – Mrs Whittington

"Hi, I'm Mrs Whittington. My role within school is to ensure Years 10 & 11
have someone to turn to and rely on should they need to discuss any
concerns they have such as exams, friends, what to wear at the Prom!
Supporting the heads of year, liaising between home, school and pupil."

Heads of Year

 Year 7







Mr Yasin – Head of Year

My name is Mr Yasin and as a Head of Year, it is my role to oversee and advise on the academic progress of the students in my year, as well as keeping an eye on the emotional wellbeing of the pupils. I feel that both these elements are vital in ensuring that all students have a happy and fulfilling time with us. As well as being a Head of Year, I teach in the English department and enjoy the great balance between the classroom and the Head of Year office.

Miss Clayton-Stead – Assistant Head of Year

Hello. I am an Assistant Head of Year and a member of the Geography department.  I have been Assistant Head of Year working with Mr Yasin for 4 years now. My role is to help Mr Yasin in looking after the year group ensuring all pupils get the best they can out of their school experience both academically and emotionally.  I will always try my best to ensure problems no matter how large or small are dealt with quickly and effectively for parents and pupils alike.

Mr Morris – Head of Year

Hello, I’ve been a Head of Year at Brighouse High since 2001 and an Associate Senior Leader since 2010. My Head of Year role involves the pastoral care of all pupils in my year group as well as monitoring their individual academic progress. I’ve supported three year groups through their time at Brighouse High from the excitement of starting a new secondary school to the demands of Year 11 exams.   I’m part of a pastoral team that has the pupils’ best interests at heart and pushes them to reach their potential.  As well as being Head of Year, I still love teaching Geography at all Key Stages.

Miss Wood – Assistant Head of Year                                

Hi, my name is Miss Wood. I have been teaching Science at Brighouse High School since 2009, and have been in the role of Assistant Head of Year since 2011. I work alongside Mr Morris to support the students in my year group, to help them to achieve their full potential and reward their hard work. This work can involve 1:1 meetings with students, investigating incidents, meeting with the year council and delivering rewards assemblies. During the time I have been in this role I have also had the privilege of organising and accompanying students on numerous trips and visits.  

Mr McGee – Head of Year                                                     

My name is Mr McGee. I am an Art and Photography teacher as well as being Head of Year. My role is to oversee the attainment, behaviour and welfare of the year group as well as helping to extend the creative side to the students in my art classes.

Miss Thackray - Assistant Head of Year

I am an Assistant Head of Year and I also teach English as my core subject at Brighouse High School. I have taught at the school for 10 years and enjoy teaching all years from keys stage 3, GCSE and A-Level.

Miss Orme – Head of Year                                                 

Hello. I have been teaching at Brighouse High School since 2002 when I joined the drama department as an NQT. In 2004 I took over the role of Head of Drama and remained in that post until 2014. My interest in pastoral care began when I was given the opportunity to work one day a week as Head of Year 8 in 2010, moving on to take over as Head of Year 11 in 2012. I have particularly enjoyed taking on a brand new Year group in 2013, supporting them in their transition and getting to know them throughout the year. My year group continue to inspire and challenge me.

I believe that pastoral care and academic support come hand in hand when striving for success. It is my job to support pupils, parents and staff so that the students in my year group are able to reach their potential and leave school prepared for further education and the world of work."

Miss McGregor – Assistant Head of Year                              

Hello. I took up my post as Teacher of French and Italian at Brighouse High School in 2012 and feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work in such a great school, within a thriving department. In 2015, I began working as Assistant Head of Year in 2014. My role as Assistant Head of Year is to support the students in my year group, ensuring that they get the most out their high school experience and helping them to reach their potential.

Mr Palmer – Head of Year

I have been Head of Year since 2008. My job is to look after my year group to help them get the best out of school. This involves all sorts of things - from talking to subject teachers about pupils' progress in class, to helping pupils make tough decisions, to standing up for pupils when they need me to, to investigating incidents that happen around school. I can help if pupils find themselves in a situation where they need something to change but need assistance to make it happen.

Mrs Booth – Assistant Head of Year                                      

I have been teaching at Brighouse High School since 2007 when I joined the Design and Technology department and I predominantly teach Textiles from KS3 through to KS5. I have been an Assistant Head of Year to Mr Palmer since 2009, I really enjoy having the added pastoral aspect to my role in school and being a part of a team who supports and encourages our students to do their best.


Academic YEAR 2016-2017

 Head of Year 7

 Mr Yasin

 Assistant Head of Year 7

 Miss Clayton-Stead

 Head of Year 8

 Mr Morris

 Assistant Head of Year 8

 Miss Wood

 Head of Year 9

 Mr McGee

 Assistant Head of Year 9

 Miss Thackray

 Head of Year 10

 Miss Orme

 Assistant Head of Year 10

 Miss McGregor

 Head of Year 11

 Mr Palmer

 Assistant Head of Year 11

 Mrs Booth