SAM 5064


Homework is seen as very important at Brighouse High School. We have a policy of giving homework to all pupils.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • to provide opportunities to work outside the classroom
  • so that you can practice skills learnt in class
  • to help you develop a sense of responsibility
  • to help you learn to organise your time
  • to involve your parents in your education

You will be given a student planner. You are expected to complete the homework section each lesson so that you have a reminder of what must be done at home. There is space for comments from your parents and from teachers.

In Year 7, you will be expected to spend about an hour a night on homework, sometimes a little more or less. If you have any difficulties, be sure to tell your tutor, who will try to help you.

Please look at the Student Support page if you require any help.