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Year 11 Countdown to Exams 2019


We have created this section to help students in Year 11 prepare for the exams ahead. There is useful information for each subject area as well as key dates and exam board information.


Exams and leaving arrangements

Please click here to view the letter sent out regarding exams and leaving arrangements


Exam Board support

Did you know that all of the exam boards offer advice to students and parents to help get ready for exams? You can download past papers and read mark schemes; a valuable strategy to help prepare.

There are 4 main exam boards and, depending on the subjects your child is studying, they may be doing exams with all of them.  Parents, think about encouraging your son/ daughter to visit the websites and explore the advice on offer. Print or view a past paper for each of the subjects and encourage your child to work through it as extra homework this week and next. The papers do not need to be done under test conditions at this stage but using notes, text books and revision guides to help find answers is a useful thing to do and helps focus revision.

Click on the links below to find out more.