In the event of partial school closure or individual cases of self-isolation, Brighouse High School will continue to deliver the curriculum to students through our remote learning provision. 

For students in Year 10, Year 11 and 6th Form all work will be set via Google Classroom. If you are not clear what you need to do, or you need more work, then you should e-mail your class teacher or send them a message via Google Classroom.

For students in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 some subjects will be setting work via Google Classroom, but others are publishing work on the website. By following the link below to your year group and then each subject, you will find information about the work set, or details of where to find it. Where work is published on the website, it is divided up into 2 week blocks of time, so that you can easily find the work you should be doing. Please e-mail your class teacher if you have any questions about the work set.


Year 7 click here     Year 8 click here     Year 9 click here       Year 10 click here            Year 11 click here


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