Year 11 revision sessions w/c 10th June

7th Jun 2019

Year 11 June Revision Sessions


Week Beginning 10th June:

From Monday 10th June Year 11 students will either be in an examination, or one of the subject specific revision sessions below. Where they don’t have an exam or a revision session, they can undertake private study. The Library is available as a silent study room for students who wish to remain on site.


Revision sessions


Monday 10th June

am: History revision (periods 1 & 2)

pm: Maths revision (periods 4 & 5)

History department

S22, S23, S9, F1/G1

Tuesday 11th June


pm: Science revision (periods 4 & 5)


F10, F12, F6, F7

Wednesday 12th June


pm: Geography / Materials Tech revision (periods 4 & 5)


Geography: F1, F2

Materials Tech: G14

Thursday 13th June

am: Materials Technology revision (periods 2 & 3)

pm: Science revision (periods 4 & 5)



S11, S12, G1, G2,  G4, F6, F12

Friday 14th June

pm: Leavers’ Assembly



  • Students should be in full school uniform whenever attending examinations or revision sessions.
  • Students should sign in and out of school when attending revision sessions.

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