SAM 5064

Following the recent changes in assessment at KS2-KS4 the school has redesigned the assessment and monitoring of pupils to better track progress towards challenging targets for all.


All departments at Brighouse High School now have redesigned frameworks for the assessment of progress and attainment in Y7-Y9 and all pupils are working towards KS4 target grades based on high levels of progress from KS2.


All departments are confident that what the students study in KS3 and how they are assessed enable us to confidently track progress towards the target KS4 grade.


Assessment and feedback in subject areas is guided by the whole school tracking of progress. In Key Stage 3 we have a 1-4 scale for progress towards targets:


  1.     Is making excellent  progress and is likely to exceed target
  2.     Is making good progress and is likely to meet target
  3.     Is making inconsistent progress and may require intervention to meet target
  4.     Is making inadequate progress and is unlikely to meet target


Remember that each individual student’s prior attainment will dictate whether they are making exceptional/good/expected/below expected progress and what is good for one student would be exceptional/expected/below expected for others.


In KS4 all GCSE subjects are now graded on the 9-1 scale and please note the emphasis on a grade 5 as a ‘strong pass’ and therefore the benchmark grade.


Please refer to the grids below to see where the expected progress lies for each student depending on their prior attainment and for a guide to the new 9-1 GCSE grading scale.