Subject Overview

Science is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. It helps to explain so much of the world around us and enables advances in many areas including health, communication, the environment and leisure. The aims of KS3 Science at Brighouse High School are to allow pupils to find out more about the world around them, to develop an interest and understanding of natural phenomena and prepare them for studying Science at Key Stage 4. Practical investigations play a significant role in how students learn in Science.

Curriculum Structure

Students in KS3 study science for three hours per week. Following the second assessment in Year 7 students are placed into sets. All pupils follow the National Curriculum for science covering aspects from chemistry, physics and biology. Pupils in Y7 and Y8 follow a mastery curriculum and students in Y9 are following the Exploring Science scheme of work.

Assessment Overview

In Year 7 and 8 students complete an assessment at the end of each unit. The assessments test students on their knowledge and understanding of the unit content as well as working scientifically skills. Students aim to master the unit by achieving 75% in each of the sections (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and working scientifically skills). All students receive feedback on the test and then improve areas where they performed less well. If students don’t master a unit they are given an opportunity to retake the assessment. In Year 9 students complete two exams, one for each block of units. The first is in January and the second in March.