Physical Education

Subject Overview

Physical Education and School Sport plays a major part in life at Brighouse High School and we pride ourselves on supporting every student and their personal development. As such, we have a specialist team of staff who dedicate themselves to improving the performance and knowledge of our students, from our elite standard athletes who are performing at representative level to those who simply enjoy physical activity and the unquestionable benefits it provides. The information below provides a detailed insight in to our curriculum structure, assessment framework and extra-curricular sports programme.

Students in Key Stage 3 receive two hours of high quality PE each week, with all lessons having a focus of;

  • Skill DevelopmentNurturing the fundamental and advanced skills to competently perform in a broad spectrum of sporting activities.

  • Theoretical understanding of PE & SportTo improve effective performance outcomes and increase students understanding of the positive benefits of exercise.

Each of the above elements are weaved in to an extensive Key Stage 3 curriculum that we are extremely proud of here at Brighouse High School. Throughout the Key Stage, students will be given the opportunity to experience a breadth of traditional sports including Rugby, Football, Netball, Badminton, Basketball, Dance, Gymnastics, Fitness, Table Tennis, Cricket, Rounders, Softball, Tennis and Athletics.

The PE department also has the enviable reputation of being able to provide Brighouse High School students with the opportunity to experience sports beyond that of the normal curriculum, such as Rock Climbing, Handball, Volleyball, American Football, Parkour, Kabaddi, Aussie Rules Football and Gaelic Football, continually expanding the sporting horizons and capabilities of our students.

The range, breath and diversity of our curriculum is designed to ensure that we immerse students in to a comprehensive diet of physical activities and sport, in the hope that we engage, excite and excel our students within the subject. As a result, a significant number of our Key Stage 3 students continue their studies in to Key Stage 4 and 5 as part of the GCSE and A Level Physical Education programmes, whereby our most recent outstanding results saw 34% of GCSE PE students achieve A*- A and 87% achieve A*- C and 50% of our A level students achieve A*-A with 100% pass rate. 


Curriculum Structure

Students are taught over six blocks throughout the academic year, with each block of activities lasting for a half term. Within each block, Key Stage 3 students focus on two sporting disciplines per week, one based indoors and one outdoors (e.g. Gymnastics & Rugby) and Key Stage 4 students focus on one sporting discipline.

Click on the pdf document below entitled programmes of study in order to view the individual year groups and their respective PE curriculum.


Assessment Framework

The assessment framework employed within the Physical Education department was devised in conjunction with the Youth Sports Trust and is designed to;

  • Have the learner at the heart.
  • Allow for a comprehensive picture of performance to be created.
  • Help the learner recognise their areas of strength and development.
  • Support the learner to identify how to improve.
  • Give the teacher, department and school a rounded view of the learner.
  • Enable teachers to shape their teaching so that they meet every learners need.

All students within PE are assessed on a levelled scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest assessment score) and it is designed to mirror a students five year journey through High School.  




Within each stage of assessment, the framework analyses student performance in 2 key areas;

Practical Performance: The practical skills learned, demonstrated and improved on by the student within physical activity, exercise and sport.

Cognitive Performance: The knowledge, understanding and thinking skills involved in physical activity, exercise and sport.


Once students have been assessed in their respective sporting disciplines for the half term, the scores are then inputted in to their personalised PE profile and an overall average is calculated for the half term activity area. Once the half term average is established, students can then determine where they sit on the 1-5 scale and subsequently identify how to progress to the next stage. 



Click on the pdf document below entitled Assessment Framework in order to view details of the success criteria for each of the 5 stages.


At Brighouse High School we pride ourselves on the extensive sporting opportunities which are made available to our students.  Our extra-curricular sports programme is designed to give students the very best chance to further develop their sporting abilities as well as providing an avenue for competitive Local, Regional and National sporting fixtures. Our fixture calendar is vast as we enter teams throughout a range of sports, competing in over 200 fixtures throughout the 2016/17 season. Traditionally, Brighouse High School has always had a strong reputation in Rugby (League & Union), Football, Netball, Badminton and Rounders but we also field representative teams in Basketball, Cricket, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Athletics and Cross-Country.

As a result of our high quality extra-curricular programme, our students regularly achieve County, Regional, National and International honours, with a number of our students currently representing professional sports academies, Calderdale, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire, North of England, England and Great Britain.  Furthermore, we also give our students the opportunity to compete in overseas sports festivals, having previously toured Isle of Man, South Africa, Italy and Spain.

Additionally, we also have many alternative extra-curricular opportunities for our students to partake in, such as the Lake District residential trip and our very popular Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which we offer to Silver standard. As part of the DofE programme, we have previously taken expeditions to the Lake District, Wales and Morocco.

Our students also take a keen interest in leadership and as such, we also provide the Sports Leader Award, put students through their football and rugby officiating courses as well as enrol our students in to the Sky Sports Living for Sports projects.

Click on the pdf document below entitled Extra-Curricular Timetable in order to view the activities on offer to students.