SAM 5066


Subject Overview

All pupils study ICT at Key Stage 3 where we cover a comprehensive range of topic areas. The ICT curriculum builds on the teaching at Key Stage 2 and covers three main strands:

 1. Digital Literacy

 2. ICT

 3. Computer Science

 Each half term throughout Key Stage 3, students complete a new ICT project covering the three main strands mentioned above. Within these units we have placed an emphasis on developing transferrable ICT knowledge, understanding and skills. During Year 9 many students will start to complete work towards their Btec ICT qualification.

Curriculum Structure

Students are taught in mixed ability form groups and have 1 lesson per week of ICT/Computer Science.

Each year group will study a different unit of work in Year 7 and Year 8.  Year 9 students will begin their coursework for their GCSE (BTEC) qualification this will count 25% towards their final grade.

Assessment Overview

In Year 7 and year 8 students are assessed on a scale of 4 to 1 for progress, at the end of the year all the progress scores are added together and an average is calculated to award the end of year progress score.  Please refer to the table below for an explanation of what the grade means.

What the grades mean:

You are:

You can:

KS3 Level


Exceptional Progress

Currently making excellent progress and will exceed expectations by the end of KS3

Extend and apply multiple ideas

Demonstrate extended thinking



A*/Distinction* (9-8)

Good Progress

Currently achieving well and could exceed expectations by end of KS3


Link and relate multiple ideas

Demonstrate strategies for thinking and reasoning


A-B/Merit (7-6)

Expected Progress



On track to achieve your target in line with expectations by the end of KS3

Identify multiple ideas

Demonstrate basic skills and concepts


B-C/Pass (5-4)

Below Expected Progress

Currently underachieving and may not achieve your target in line with expectations by the end of KS3

Identify single ideas

Recall and reproduce information/ideas


D-G/ Level 1 (3-1)
















Click on the links below to view the progress measure for each unit of work