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Subject Overview

We believe that the study of History should form a key part of a balanced curriculum. As well as fostering a love of the subject, the skills and concepts taught in Key Stage three History should establish a solid foundation to progress on to GCSE, A Level History and beyond. The teaching of Key Stage three History at Brighouse is based on a series of historical enquiries which allow students to explore and develop the key concepts and skills required to develop a mastery of the discipline and therefore allow any student to study the subject at their chosen level. All enquiries are based on five key assessment criteria that are required for students to progress to a deeper understanding of the subject. In this way all teachers and students are able to plan for this progression. The enquiries are engaging, rooted in sound historical practise and linked to key historical narratives.


Assessment Overview

The five Key Assessment areas that underpin our historical enquiries:

•          Cause and consequence

•          Analysis

•          Interpretation

•          Evaluation

•          Significance.

All of these skills are underpinned by a knowledge and understanding of key concepts and historical narratives.