Shakespeare by William Blake


Subject Overview

By the age of eleven all pupils will have acquired some ability to use the basic elements of English. Our aim is to develop their confidence, imagination and skills in the three main components of reading, writing and spoken communication.

The curriculum will provide opportunities for pupils to communicate, compose and comprehend the English Language in a wide variety of forms.

Pupils are taught in sets throughout Key Stages 3, which are monitored carefully and reviewed as necessary; this enables all pupils to progress and reach their potential through a variety of teaching and learning styles.

Teaching at Key Stage 3 is centred around the National Curriculum whilst being mindful of future demands in the subject. It is our aim at KS3 to ensure the important transition points from KS2 and, later, into KS4, are clear, structured and allow all students to access the subject.


Curriculum Structure

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 are taught over four hours a week throughout the year. Year 9 have three lessons per week. Each half termly focus ultimately links to a section from the WJEC Eduqas GCSE Language and Literature exams.


Assessment Overview

Students will complete at least one full assessment per half term, apart from Spring half term in Year 7, where a baseline writing assessment will also be undertaken.

Assessments will alternate between written Assessment Objectives and reading Assessment Objectives.


Overall Assessment Objectives, linked to GCSE Assessment Objectives. SKU grid for assessment is attached separately.

AO1: Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas, evaluating texts critically with appropriate supportive textual references.

AO3: Communicate clearly, effectively and imaginatively, cohesively organising information and ideas to suit form, purpose and audience.

AO2: Comment on and analyse how writers use language and structure to convey meaning, using relevant subject terminology and comparing ideas across two or more texts.

AO4: Use a range of sentence structures for clarity, purpose and effect, incorporating accurate spelling and punctuation.