SAM 5029




Subject Overview

The course is broad based and covers all the requirements for the National Curriculum Orders. There is opportunity to develop skills in a range of practical arts such as drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, sculpture, graphics etc. and to develop skills in research, investigation and experimentation in both visual and written formats. The relevance of other art, different cultures, moral or social issues etc. are also part of the course.


Curriculum Structure

All pupils study Art for the first two years having 1 lesson per week on their timetable. In year 7 pupils will cover a whole year project focusing on basic skills, knowledge and understanding. In year 8 pupils will complete 2 projects that will continue to develop the skills learnt in year 7. They will be extended by introducing the idea of design, thinking skills and use of imagination. In year 9 have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding by selecting Art as part of the pre-option choices. They will have 2 lessons per week during this year and cover Drawing, painting and printing, Sculpture, graphics, textiles and photography during the year all based on an over-arching theme. This year is designed to prepare the students for GCSE.


Assessment Overview

Projects are marked against 6 progress objectives.

  1. Responding to a starting point
  2. Thinking skills
  3. Experimenting
  4. Researching the work of others
  5. Making skills and creativity
  6. Evaluation


Each progress objective is marked as emerging, secure or confident.