SAM 5065

Ethos and Values


At Brighouse High School we value and are proud to be a comprehensive school which serves our local community.


We aim to provide for our students an education that is second to none.


The core purpose of our school is to raise achievement for all and to do this within a framework of positive behaviour and relationships.


We aim to ensure that Brighouse High is a happy place to learn and work and that there is equality of opportunities for all.  We provide challenge for all pupils through lessons and extra curricular activities.


The staff and systems work with the aim of enhancing the self respect and confidence of young people and encouraging them to take responsibility and be independent and resilient learners.


The safety and well being of our students is a priority and teachers and support staff work closely to ensure that students are safe both during the school day and beyond.


We value the relationships with parents and carers and always work to communicate effectively and work collaboratively to secure the best possible outcomes for students.


Partnerships are important to us and we aim to work closely with both the local and wider community.  The school values its international links and constantly seeks ways in which the students experiences can be broadened to prepare them for life beyond school and the world of work.


We aim to develop pupils skills so that they are adaptable and can respond to change effectively.  We value the ‘voice’ of our students and seek to involve them in the decision making process and respond to their feedback.


The best thing about Brighouse High School is the people in it.  We encourage each individual, student and staff member to contribute positively to school life.